Wheel of Fashion

Sample Wheel of Fashion

The Wheel of Fashion is a mini game in which users can win prizes by spinning the wheel.


Everyday a user logs in, they are given one free spin on the wheel. Spins do not rollover to the next day, so users will need to use it while they've got it if they want to win. Users can also purchase more spins :

  • 1 spins for 1 fashion credit
  • 5 spins for 3 fashion credits
  • 20 spins for 10 fashion credits [BEST VALUE!]


The Wheel of Fashion is always changing their prizes, but there are always a few that reflect the newest inspiration / fashion show theme.

  • Whammy - do not get any prizes or free turns.
  • Fashion dollars - a specific number of fashion dollars ranging from 150-950
  • Spins - Receive anywhere from 1 - 5 spins.
  • Fashion credits - Receive anywhere from 3 - 10 credits.
  • Accessory / clothing - items to use in fashion shows or for a user's avatar
  • Kit - a new kit
  • Details - receive a new detail for your use in designs