Runway Round Up

Sample look of Runway Round Up

Runway Round Up is a mini-game inside of Fashion Designer.


Tokens are what is needed to play in the game. There are two ways to get tokens. First, for each fashion show a designer joins, they will be automatically awarded one token. Second, a user can purchase tokens with fashion credits :99999999

  • 10 tokens for 10 fashion credits
  • 40 tokens for 25 fashion credits
  • 200 tokens for 100 fashion credits [BEST VALUE!]

How to playEdit

The game is set up like a slot machine. Each pull (or press of the 'Yeehaw!' button) costs one token. From there, it's luck of the draw, much like in the Wheel of Fashion. The three slots will spin, and if all three of the slots match, the user would win the number shown.



Not a Winner

Not a winner


The prizes available for purchase within the game usually reflect the newest inspiration for fashion shows.