Fashion Dollars are the main form of currency within the Fashion Designer game.


Fashion Dollars

Fashion Dollars

Fashion Dollars look like a stack of American dollar bills with a brown rubber band holding it in the center. A user can see how many fashion dollars they have buy looking at the top of the screen below the tabs for gifts, messages, neighbors, etc.

How to EarnEdit

Fashion Dollars are the most common form of currency within the game and are the easiest to earn. Fashion Dollars can be earned from :

  • Projects - there is a specific amount of money a user will make shown to them before they start the project. The bigger the wait time of the project, the higher the money earned.
  • Wheel of Fashion - during a spin, it is fairly common to land on the fashion dollars wedges and earn from 150-950 dollars.
  • Fashion Shows - 4th - 8th places will win the same amount of fashion dollars, but 1st - 3rd will win more for each position up they take, meaning 1st place will earn the most fashion dollars.
  • Market - a user can earn some fashion dollars buy submitting a design to the market.
  • Purchasing - a user can purchase fashion dollars with Facebook credits.


Fashion dollars can be used to buy details, color palletes, and design kits from the store. Fashion dollars can also be used to purchase hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories during a fashion show.