Fashion Credits are a form of currency within the Fashion Designer game.


Fashion Credits

Fashion Credits

They appear as a gold coin with a rough edge and the letters 'FD' engraved into it. A user can see how many fashion credits they have by looking up at the top of their screen below the pink tabs, next to the fashion dollars information.

How to EarnEdit

These are a relatively difficult currency to earn, but they can be earned by :

  • Wheel of Fashion - during a spin, a user could land on a wedge giving them 3, 5, or 10 fashion credits.
  • Purchasing - a user can purchase fashion credits by using Facebook credits


Fashion credits can be used to :

  • buy details, color palletes, and kits in the shop
  • buy one-time clothing, accessories, make-up, and hair in the fashion shows
  • purchase more tokens for the Runway Round-Up
  • purchase higher forms of advertising in Market
  • purchase more spins in Wheel of Fashion