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  • She is Badalia, a terrible character
  • She is in love with Sebastian but he is gay
    Badalia Madison is the antagonist in the Fashion Designer and Mall World. In Fashion Designer game, she runs a store but in Mall World, she appears to be the antagonist probably because of her 1 Mall Credit Offer from Fashion Designer.


Before Mall World and Fashion Designer were born, Badalia was actually a stripper in Las Vegas. She dates many men and almost got STDs. One time in 2010, she went fully naked and expose her own vagina in the casino that causes her to be arrested. Fortunately, she was bailed out and Willy saw her in despair. He asks Badalia if she would go to the rehab and she said yes. Then, she went into rehab for 8 months.

After that, Badalia went into a mind changing plan--to run a mall on her own. In 2011, she decides to build Mall World in Texas and since then, Badalia is a multi-millionaire lady.

Many fans were embrace the Mall World fever and Badalia built another new perspective--a fashion designing game. On that same year, Fashion Designer was born.

In 2013, Badalia starts the Mall World VIP club but however many were disappointed in her new plan. Obviously, if you go to the VIP club without the VIP membership, you can not enter in that kind of store.

In 2015, RockYou went bankrupt and Apps-O-Rama bought the Mall World.


Badalia has blue eyes, light auburn-red hair and a slight tan due to exposure to the sun while she is in vacation at the Bahamas. In this game she wears a beige blazer, light blue shoes and a white/blue/pink stripe dress.

Her pose is a wave, and then she puts her hands behind her back.